Post-disciplinarian, Jay Silver is an inventor, MIT PhD Student, Lifelong Kindergarden Lab Research Associate and “Maker” Artist repurposing, reusing, rethinking the world digitally. He is currently working at Intel Research helping them develop a more “Maker Culture”. He cofounded Joy Labs, Experiendipity, and Beginners’ Mind.

We had a great conversation on many topics including his projects, awareness mapping with the Drishya “un” School in Bangalore, India, which was also the inspiration for the Drawdio (a gizmo that turns the world into a circuit and then into a musical instrument) to the book that helped him parenting, The Continuum Concept.   To get the full scope of his projects, they are listed at his MIT Media Lab page such as Singing Fingers (a smart phone app that I can highly recommend).

During the Gamers on Game show, Patrick Reilly joined us in the studio and had some great questions such as “What’s the scoop on SCRATCH” and “Folk Computing“?  Both Pat and I met Jay at the TEDxSantaCruz that happened June 11, 2011 at the Cabrillo Music Hall where he presented “the World as Construction Kit. That is also the title of his PhD thesis.

To hear our interview, press the first play button below for the Artists on Art show: [haiku url=”″ title=”Jay Silver” graphical=”true”] The play button below is for the Gamers on Game show. It’s in this part of the interview that Jay explains his state of “post-discipline” and answers Pat’s questions:
[haiku url=”″ title=”Jay Silver” graphical=”true”]

Here’s a quick video we took right before our live radio show:


I'm a radioactive media making artivist working every day to make the world a better place.

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