The first guest for Gamers on Games was  Associate Professor of Computer Science at UCSC, Jim Whitehead.

Jim is a researcher in the fields of software evolution, software bug prediction, and automated generation of computer game levels.

He is the board chair of the Society for the Advancement of the Science of Digital Games, which hosts the yearly Foundations of Digital Games conference. Jim’s research interests in the area of games include level design and procedural content generation. In the field of software engineering, Jim performs research on software bug prediction, software repository mining, and software evolution. He runs both the Augmented Design Lab and the Software Introspection Laboratory at UCSC.

In June of 2006, Jim helped create a new undegraduate major, the BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design. This major is very interdisciplinary, including several courses from the Arts Division on campus. It is a rigorous Computer Science degree, providing a solid, strong background in computer science, with additional courses that teach the elements of computer game design. A three course capstone design sequence permits students to work in teams for a year to develop a substantial computer game.

The first Sammys Awards event  that just happened June 10 in the Baskin Engineering Auditorium celebrating the best games designed by the undergraduate students.

We also talked about the Center for Games and Playable Media that was formally established in 2010, building on work done since the founding of the game degree and offering a Masters in Science and PHd programs. The center houses the school’s five games-related research labs including the Expressive Intelligence Studio, the Research Groups Computational Cinematics Lab, the Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab,  the Augmented Design Lab and the Software Introspection Laboratory.

These last two groups are directed by Jim Whitehead, focuses on the possibilities inherent in computer-augmented videogame design. The other focuses on the structure of software and how it evolves over time. Current projects include a program that provides runtime verification and repair of event-based systems.

To hear our interview,  press the play button: [haiku url=”″ title=”Chip Lord” graphical=”true”]



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