Kathleen Kralowec was the guest on July 11, 2011 for both Artists on Art and Gamers on Game. This talented multi-media artist, animator, curator and game illustrator came into KALX to catch up and talk about her work at Zabu Studio. Kathleen is a recent graduate of the DANM program here on campus of the MFA, Digital Arts + New Media, UC Santa Cruz 2010. This is her second time on Artists on Art.

To see her beautiful work, here are two of her blogs that we discussed during our show: caliway days (time is not the enemy…) and Alley in Avalon (making a (masked) man).

We talked about her life since graduating from the DANM program and with her on-going art project involving the many manifestations of Inner Mask man. Kathleen’s movies, including Voyage of the Inner Mask, can found on her Vimeo channel.

After our conversation, we were joined with Gamers on Game co-host Patrick Reilly and Kathleen’s co-worker and CTO of Zabu Studio, Chris La Rue. We talked about the games that Zabu has made for social platforms such as Facebook and going to make such as the following titles: Knizia’s original title of Poseidon’s Realm, Knizia’s “Ra Solo”, Peter Burley’s “Take it Easy”, and Pickomino.

To hear our shows, please click on the play button below. The first show is Kathleen on Artists on Art.  
[haiku url=”http://miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/AoA71111a.mp3″ title=”Kathleen” graphical=”true”] The second show is the Gamers on Game where we were joined by Chris La Rue and Patick Reilly.
The play button below is to hear our show:
[haiku url=”http://miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/aoaa71111.mp3″ title=”Kathleen and Chris” graphical=”true”]

Here is a quick video we took after our radio show:

More information about Zabu Studio:

About Zabu Studio, Inc
Zabu Studio, Inc is an angel funded game studio whose mission is to come out with the next generation of social games. The “Zabu” have many years of experience working in the technology sector and the gaming industry in Silicon Valley. They are also game fanatics who are passionate about games of all types, be it traditional video games, Euro board games, CCG, RPG, or miniature wargames. Zabu Studio aims to bring the best ideas and inspirations from these diverse medium to the modern social network. For more information please contact pr@zabustudio.com.

About Reiner Knizia
Reiner Knizia is a prolific German-style board game designer. He has designed over 500 published games, and won numerous awards including, the Deutscher Spiele Preis four times, a Spiel des Jahres (in addition to a Kinderspiel des Jahres and a special award) and numerous other national and international awards. At the Origins Game Fair in 2002 he was inducted into the Gaming Hall of Fame. His games frequently make appearances on various “top games” lists: including the GAMES 100 list, the BoardGameGeek top 100, and the Internet Top 100 Games List.

About Pickomino
The original “Pickomino” (Original German title: Heck Mech) is one of Reiner Knizia’s best selling family games of all time. The object is to score dragon pearls by collecting scoring tiles via a series of die rolls. In order to claim a tile the total of all the dice locked away must equal to the number shown on the tile. One can keep rolling the dice in order to take a shot at the more valuable high number tiles, but be careful, if you cannot lock away a new number with your die roll, you go bust!


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