On November 23rd, I had the pleasure of interviewing local artist, Lynn Guenther.  Over the years, I was familiar with Lynn’s work as art educator and advocate. This year, I made it to Lynn’s Open Studios and was introduced to her amazing talents as jewelry maker, painter, journal artist, designer, and metalworker.

I first met Lynn  as teacher of SPECTRA classes and after-school art programs at  Bay View Elementary. During our interview, I found out that she serves our broader Santa Cruz community as well. She is active in supporting art in the local public schools with vigorous fundraising, as well as organizing special art events such as the River Arts Festival and, with Sandra Cherk,  Bay View Elementary’s, Fiesta de las Artes. This is one of my favorite hands-on art events in the area, along with Ceram-A-rama.

Lynn also teaches ecology to our young people through art. Her “Art and Nature Classes” have been successfully acquainting young people with their local environment and teaching them inspirational techniques for illustrating and writing about “their place”.

This past Open Studio Art Tour, I met Lynn in her element, her home and studio.  It was a pleasure to see the place of process and inspiration for this amazing artist.  Her jewelry is greatly inspired by an apprenticeship with Native American artists, Little Patty and Michael Kioboti, and learned hand-fabricated techniques such as metal etching, stamping, and silver overlay, along with the expressive traditions of tribal culture. She creates contemporary wearable artworks with ancient meanings, timeless designs meant to build a bridge across world cultures.

Lynn also composes illustration journals filled with hand drawings and watercolor. Her formal educational background is in Illustration and Design (BFA from Michigan SU) .  During her Open Studio, I spoke with Lynn’s partner Luis who explained her process of quickly recording real-time events in her journals. Then later when she has time, she goes back over the sketches painting washes. I enjoyed learning about the Lynn’s artistic practice mediated by her partner.

Lynn will be selling her wearable art for three consecutive weekends at various holiday faires.  She began at the Fort Mason (SF) Celebration of Craftswomen Saturday and Sunday November 27 & 28th, 2010 at the Herbst Pavillion. The following weekend will be the Art in the Cellars at the Bargetto Winery at Main Street, Saturday and Sunday, December 4 & 5 from 10-5pm. Lastly, Lynn will be at KPFA Community Craft’s Artwork at the Concourse in  San Francisco happening December 11 & 12th from 10 to 6pm.

Here are just a few of her beautiful wearable art.  You can see more of her work on her website: LynnGuenther.com

She can be contacted via E-mail or phone:  831.425.0574

Below is a twitvid we took right before we went live for our radio show.

If you missed any part of the live broadcast, you can hear the whole show by clicking on the play icon below.


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