Feb. 22, 2016, Crown College Provost & USCS Professor, Manel Camps, came onto the KZSC’s Artists on Art.

When not guiding students to thinking critically, Dr. Camps teaches about disease both at the macroscopic level (anatomy) and molecular levels (molecular pathogenesis).  He thinks at great scale, from the earth to the individual cell and smaller.

We talked about Crown College’s annual Social Fiction Conference starts February 26th, Friday afternoon at 4pm, with a collaborative art project, followed by a showing of the film, Black Mirror – Fifteen Million Merits.

A fuSocial Fiction Conferencell day of events on Saturday, February 27, starting at 9am with a keynote by Laurie Palmer. One of my favorite artists/people, Newton Harrison will be presenting in the morning.

The annual Social Fiction Conference that provides a unique venue for analyzing issues of Social Justice. We examine and develop an understanding of how issues of social justice are embedded in society by examining the fictitious societies found in the Science Fiction, Gaming, and Fantasy genre and exploring their real-life corollaries. Visit this page for a complete list of our goals and learning outcomes!

All are welcome. It’s free and open to the public. Hope to see you there.

To hear our entire show, click on the play button below.


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