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Jack Lalanne died today, may he rest in peace. I’m sad yet glad that he made it as long as he did. 95 thank you very much!  He’s been an exercise inspiration my whole life.

On my way to the office today, I was thinking about what to blog and couldn’t stop thinking about amazing and unique Next Space.  What a blessing. The place (to put it at the barest definition) is a shared office space and start-up  business incubator.  Right now, we’re celebrating the first year of existence.  The space is both a material and virtual community.   We have a whole on-line community asking questions, answering, requesting advice, looking for job offers…

The first person I showed around, I can’t remember who, noticed all the media businesses and asked me if weren’t they our, Awake Media’s, competition.  I replied that we were actually not competing but collaborating. The paradigm is shifting, as it must, globally away from the capitalistic model to a more je ne sais pas, dare I say, type of socialism that allows for a human rights (meaning basic rights for all people, access to food, education, shelter, medical care) and competition.  Competition is not all bad.  It helps keep inspiring to be better.  That reminds me of Jack.

It is true. Here at Next Space, there are a lot of media companies.  The beauty of media is its largeness in scope and subsequently required skills. Once the project is large or complicated, one person cannot do it all. And, it is impossible to keep up with the newest technology in the all the different types of media (such as video codex, CSM programming, (to joomla or drupal that is the question), flash not working on Vista 64, etc… The technology is evolving faster and faster and you are either on the bus of off.  Be aware though, if you get off the bus, that is speeding downhill, it’s really hard to get back on.  Reminds me of the California real estate market.

Time for me to sign off.  I have to get ready for my sections, Video Games as Visual Culture. Today we are discussing the Gaming Industry.


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