Taken by Gabrielle Cianfrani

Local artist, musician, theater person and sand drawer, Paul House came up to the station to talk about his upcoming photograph installation and opening reception at the Windmill Cafe, March 4th.

Paul has been creating giant sand drawings at several beaches in Santa Cruz for nearly a decade. He was inspired to pick up the stick and draw by the sadness of war, particularly the US in Iraq.

The picture on the side was taken by a facebook friend while on a trip from New Jersey in ’08. How small the world?  This coincidence epitomizes the strength in the symbology of Paul’s art and its ability to move people deeply.

We talked about Paul’s beginnings of practicing this art that gets swept away, an impermanence that is site specific, activist and dialogic.  He shared stories of people walking away changed after speaking with him.

The photographs of Paul’s sand drawings will begin hanging at the Windmill Cafe (our local purveyor of great healthy food and art gallery for the mind)  March 1st and be up for the duration of the month.

The reception is March 4, 2011 at 7pm (a part of our First Friday Art tour – a fabulous Santa Cruz tradition) at 21231 East Cliff Drive near 13th. For more information visit the Windmill Cafe and/or call 831-464-4698.

Here’s a little movie about P-sign Paul that was done a few years ago by Santa Cruz CCTV.

If you missed any part of the live broadcast, please click on the triangle below.


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  • Thank you, Paul, for creating this art! I just happened to stumble upon it while visiting from the east coast during a visit with friends and recall saying, “Oh, wow.”

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