Paysons-giant-skateboard-684Multi-media artist, sculptor, and adjunct professor at Cabrillo College, Payson McNett came on Artists on Art on August 10, 2016,  to talk about the newest digital art addition, the Fab Lab and two new class offered this Fall 2016, ART 95A, ART 95B available in the Spring. These classes are the first CSU and UC transferable Digital Fabrication Art courses to be offered at California Community Colleges.

The Cabrillo Fab Lab is equipped with state of the art technology to assist students with learning to use contemporary tools opening up new and exciting ways of making and adapting classical techniques to the future of making. The class is equipped with 3d printing and scanning, laser cutting and engraving, vinyl cutting, and cnc router capabilities.

To hear our interview in its entirety, click on the play button below:


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