This interview is with Rebecca Dubois, UCSC Assistant Professor in BioMolecular Engineering and Founder and Director of the DuBois Lab. Her lab seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms of virus infections, and to use this information to develop new vaccines and antiviral therapeutics.  Her lab is an example of the many ways in which researchers at UC Santa Cruz are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Dubois Lab is researching immunologic testing, which involves detecting antibodies in blood samples to show if someone has been exposed to the coronavirus, could be one way in managing the pandemic. Antibody tests require coronavirus antigens, these are the proteins on the surface of the virus that trigger an immune response. DuBois’ lab has the ability to make those antigens. After learning that these antigens were in short supply, she began production and will provide them for use by other researchers through a national repository maintained by the National Institutes of Health.

Please join us to hear more about Protein engineering for technology and therapeutics particularly with the Novel Corona Virus 19.


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