Santa Cruz World Choir Orchestra Creator, Composer, Educator, Director, Stephen L. Bigger, came into KZSC for the second time on the last Monday of August 2011. . The first time was in the fall of 2010. At that time, Stephen was just putting together the choir. Now, he has a succussful year under his belt and now, this season, is raring to go.


Stephen is a highly skilled, versatile music professional who has been active full time in music performance and production since 1981 when he formed RockArbor Music. He has written hundreds of pieces ranging from choir anthems and instrumental orchestrations to pop, rock, folk, and gospel songs, and produced professional recordings for many artists and songwriters. His work is distributed all over the world. As a staff producer in Nashville , Bigger produced over 300 songs per year for seven years. Between 2008 and 2010, Bigger was Choral Director and Theater Technical Director at Aptos High School . For more information about Stephen’s past, visit Rock Arbor Music.

The Santa Cruz World Choir Orchestra is a multi-generational, educational, and fun ensemble that inspires and entertains audiences. Under the direction of composer and educator, Stephen L. Bigger, the choir performs a variety of traditional and modern music from around the world. The choir is comprised of high school age and older singers who will receive training to enhance their musical skills.

Audition Deadline is September 14 for the December 11 Concert at the Rio Theatre.

For more information about the Santa Cruz World Choir and Orchestra, email at or call 831-521-3470.

About, the Winter 2011 performance “World of Many Colors “: Music lovers of all styles and genres will enjoy this eclectic new tribe of Santa Cruz musicians, teachers, students, and developing young artists performing ancient to modern music from around the globe. The concert features music from India, Ireland, Mongolia, Republic of Georgia, Scandinavia, as well as compositions by Director, Stephen L. Bigger. The SCWCO continues to introduce the Bay Area community to young, up-and-coming “bright light” artists and provide a great opportunity for creative individuals, parents, and students to make a positive difference in our world

Here’s a video we took right before our radio show. Stephen explains the unique SCWCO audition process :

To hear our show in its entirety, please click on the play button below.
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