Local artist partners and collaborators Timerie Gordon and Christian Nielsen were on Artists on Art March 8, 2011. These two multi-disciplinarians talked about their work using architecture, industrial designing, site specific installation pieces and concepts to think outside the box at their design firm Nielsen Architects and Design Studio at NextSpace and Timerie Designs in Santa Cruz.
On a side note, Timerie and Christian were in the group of first members at NextSpace.
This pair has worked with a lot of local businesses such as:
The Penny Ice Creamery,
Legs by Sock Shop and Co,
New Street Dental, Dr. Gavin McClure
L’Atelier Salon
and L’Atelier Day Spa: opening April 19th, 2011,
Soif Wine Bar and Merchant,
La Posta Restaurant,
Motion Pacific Dance Studio, to name a few.

Here is a great article about the team Santa Cruz Next.  

Timerie works as the Creative Consultant for City of Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency. She consults in various creative capacities for retail businesses, non-profits and city entities using her ability to “think outside the box” to problem solve and help clarify and realize goals.

We had a great talk.  One of my last questions was to Christian about the current project dancing in his head. He replied seeing the riverway really activated and going from being invisible to being a central urban corridor with river-facing development, pedestrian activity, events.  They saw it happen in Rhode Island. It  can and should happen here.

Below is a little video we took before the show:

If you missed any part of the live broadcast, please click on the triangle below.


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