Tonight on Gamers on Game will be a talk w/ local game provocateur, thinker and educator, Wes Modes, about Games as a Strategy for Living & Liberation.

Wes Modes is an artist activist who cofounded FreeSkool Santa Cruz, SubRosa, Guerilla Drive-In, & founded The Spoon, an international storyteller’s group. Wes is a radio star and writer among many other accomplishments.

Wes has been thinking about the question, what is games, for a long time.

In a couple of weeks, through Free Skool Santa Cruz , Wes will be teaching a class at UCSC’s Stevenson Cafe, entitled, “Games as a Strategy for Living (and Liberation)” from 4:45-6pm for four Wednesdays in row. The class begins November 14th and continues November 21st, 28th, and December 5th.

This is your antidote to the winter blahs. A class for people who take serious matters lightly and for people who take their play seriously. We create games to help us play the bigger game of life which is itself a playful dance. This is an intellectual & philosophical exploration of games. We’ll talk about games and play, learn game theory, share DIY games, and design our own. Requirements: Bring your playful spirit and intellectual curiosity. This class will build on each session, so try to commit to all of them.

You can hear his radio show,  Night Ride, at his Archives.

If you missed any part of our Gamers on Game broadcast, please click the gray ‘play’ button below: [haiku url=”″ title=”Wes Modes” graphical=”true”]


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