Jess Hayden & Chris Molla Guests for 4/6/10

Graduating Digital Arts and New Media artists, Jessica Hayden and Chris Molla were the guests on Artists on Art for April 6, 2010 to talk about their upcoming installation entitled “SET” or “Seemingly External Things” a narrative/documentary/fiction theatrical interactive piece about growing up in Nevada in the 50s during nuclear testing, “a mobile theatrical installation in which visitors may play to trigger audio, video and live performance events that reveal a story. The project questions the roles that the spectator and the environment play in generating narrative meaning.”  The piece will be in a 1951 Silver Streak that will  be parked out in front of the DARC otherwise known as the NEW Digital Arts Research Center on West Campus.

We talked about Chris and Jess’ backgrounds leading up to going back to school to get their MFAs.  Chris is a musical composer, teacher and  former member of Camper Van Beethoven.  Jess is a theatrical performer/writer/interactive object creator.  They are both amazing artists doing wonderful collaborative participatory new media art.  We got to hear some of the sound art that you’ll hear playing around in their Silver Streak. We talked about the seeds of the piece; Jess’ science fiction short story about a girl coupled, the desert sounds, their road-trip to Nevada, and trying to harness technology.

That’s the beauty of their art. It is meant to be touched and investigated while learning and experiencing through the participation.  I can hardly wait to see their shiny informative piece.  I asked them about their future.  They said they’re taking it on the road, a traveling  art installation.  I think it’s brilliant that their MFA piece can be their home and car.

“SET” is a part of the larger DANM 2010 MFA Exhibition, Things that are Possible, showcasing digital art with social impact at the DARC. There are 14 graduate students taking part in this exhibition that runs April 30th to May 9th with a free reception on Friday May 7 from 5:30-7:30PM. For details visit

If you missed the live broadcast,  you can listen to our show in entirety by clicking on the triangle below.


Here’s a twitvid we did right after the show.

This is a trailer for Chris and Jess’ recent collaborative theatrical ensemble “Stop the Presses“.  At 1 minute 20 seconds, you’ll see Jess’ “Gypsy Fortune” piece that was performed in March 2010.  This piece came out of the Performative Technologies group research.

Artists on Art 3/16/10 Guest Kathleen Kralowec

self portrait from kathleen kralowec on Vimeo.

March 16, 2010, Kathleen Kralowec came on to Artists on Art to talk about her upcoming installation in the DANM MFA Graduating Students’ Exhibition taking place at the end of April 2010.  We also spoke of her recent collaborative work, Stop the Presses, that she did along with the DANM Participatory Technologies group and UCSC Theater Arts.  To get the degree, a person has to do a museum quality installation in a exhibition, write an academic level thesis of new digital media philosophy and partake in a group project.   The “Stop the Presses” theatrical work was the Participatory Technologies Group Project.

Kathleen spoke about her three animated piece that will be screening during the DANM “Things that are Possible”.  The first piece is entitled “The Myth of Creation”.

Creation Myth from Kathleen Kralowec on Vimeo.

Please listen to our show in entirety by clicking on the triangle below.

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